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Zip Panels: Why They're Everywhere...

Hey there, fellow builders! We're thrilled to share some exciting news on a fantastic product that we highly recommend for any build. Here at Studs Lumber Company, we continue to highly recommend Huber Zip panels, and here's why you should consider them for your next construction project.


Here are just a few of the many benefits of using Huber Zip panels:


1. Moisture and weather-resistant: Huber Zip panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while protecting your home from moisture intrusion. They come with a patented water-resistive barrier that includes a special drainage plane to ensure any moisture that penetrates the exterior doesn't cause damage to the structure.


2. Easy to install: Huber Zip panels are incredibly easy to install, featuring advanced panelized systems that reduce construction time and labor costs. These panels are designed to snap together easily without the need for additional fasteners or equipment, making installation a breeze.


3. Air leakage prevention: Zip panels guarantee airtight construction, which leads to a reduction in heating and cooling costs. Huber Zip panels provide a superior external barrier system, preventing any energy loss from your structure.


4. Extra strength and durability: The exclusive Energy-Complete Seal makes Huber Zip panels an ultra-strong and durable building material. Not only does this seal ensure energy efficiency, but it also provides extra protection against extreme weather conditions. These panels are designed to meet and surpass building codes and industry standards, ensuring the safety of your project.


5. Cost-effective: Finally, using Huber Zip panels can significantly reduce the cost of labor and materials. With the advanced panelized systems and easy installation procedures, you can save time, money, and most importantly, your sanity!


To round it out, Huber Zip panels are a must-have for any construction project. They're weather-resistant, easy to install, energy-efficient, durable, and cost-effective. Whether you're building a new home, or a commercial building, these panels are an excellent choice.  For more info check out 


Be sure to stop by Studs Lumber company for more information or to pick up your Huber Zip panels today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, so don't hesitate to contact us. Happy building!

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