What it’s all about!

Well, it’s all about the wood! Here’s how it works folks…Normally you are getting your studs from far away places like Canada eh, the west coast, or even Chile. For the same money you can buy a stud grown in the mountains you recreate in, logged by patrons of our local economy, milled by personnel that live here and support our communities…all for the same price! Lumber is a commodity, it has no value that makes one stud worth more than the other so its cost has to be competitive with other like products in the marketplace similar to a gallon of gasoline or diesel. Our forest products industry is rebuilding itself and it needs YOUR help! While the southern rocky mountain region is regaining its momentum its scale is still small and needs YOUR patronage to increase efficiency.  Please ask yourself; for a subtle difference if any why would I not buy a locally sourced product?

Below is an example of a lumber mill flow chart!

It seems complex, and it is, but keep in mind the overall theme here are the JOBS!

Lumber Mill Flow Chart