Studs Lumber Company

January 2014!
Studs Lumber Company was started with local forest products in mind. For many years Colorado’s forest products industry has been in a state of decline and stagnation, however the growth potential is huge! With millions of acres of standing timber and an historic workforce filled with people that know how to mine that potential, Studs Lumber Co is now here to provide an outlet for Colorado’s vast renewable resources and the skill set of our natural resource professionals.

Studs Lumber promises to source quality and price competitive local and regionally produced materials for the building construction industry whenever possible. If you are seeking recycled, reused, low impact, sustainable, and renewable products for your construction projects look no further than Studs!

Your purchase from Studs Lumber directly impacts our local economy. Source a framing package from us and do your part in employing a forester, logger, skidder, log truck driver, lumber mill personnel, material drivers and the employees at Studs! The impacts of trickle-down economics begin with your choice in Studs.

Build with us,

Build with STUDS!


Update: January 2018

Studs Lumber Company continues in our mission to connect our community with our economy. Proudly, Studs is the #1 regional spender in our industry here in Durango, a number exceeding $2,600,000.00, more than all of our major competitors COMBINED!

Your choice in building material supply is directly effecting your neighborhood. Build your project and our regional economy by calling Studs Lumber Company now 970-764-7777!